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"WhØ KnØws?" from "Don't Get Too Attached" available worldwide on 3.22.24
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Special thanks to Betty of Gold Steps
Produced by Thief Club
Co Production, Mixing, Mastering by Josh Barber
push me apart, pull me together again
wring out my heart until there’s nothing left
to give
pour out the dark and let the light come in
Who knows who knows
just where this road will go?
Make like a star and collapse for you
outside of time we’ll plan our rendezvous
and soon (take what you need and)
we’ll be (don’t stop the bleeding)
embrace the weight of heaven laid upon your chest
don’t waste the taste of hell upon your lips
now this world can’t contain us
like it’s pulling you back
Into another realm
beauty unparalleled
it’s calling you
into another realm
voices without a sound
are telling you
Don’t get too attached
(invoke) the type of heat only a god could hold
10,000 waves to shape a heart of stone
into the aether, further and deeper
who knows, who knows just where this road will go?
ASCAP Butterflies & Butcher Knives
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