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Beginning as nothing more than a cathartic release for singer/songwriter Nick Thompson, Thief Club was a simple side project to manage time and energy when not recording and touring with his band Hit The Lights. Releasing his debut in 2016, “Just Give Up” boasted a hefty 16 tracks of heavy pop rock akin to his previous works with HTL, followed by the EPs “New View” and “(SP)LIT” in 2020. As time progressed, so did Thompson’s musical style, diving deeper into lower tunings and heavier tones. Now, 2 years later, Nick has unveiled a new style and direction; using Thief Club to explore a deeper, darker, more atmospheric escape with his upcoming release “Don’t Get Too Attached.” Armed with soaring melodies, spacey leads and growling, down-tuned guitar, Thief Club has found its footing in a brand new realm of sound. One that shimmers, grooves, and rides a fine line between the ethereal and heavy. Doom Pop, Nü Gaze, Experimental Alternative - you can try to label it, but the fact will remain: Thief Club isn’t a genre, it’s a vibe all it’s own.