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Thief Club - Holy City
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Thief Club - Holy City


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All music by Thief Club 
Produced & Mixed by Nick Thompson 
Mastered by Jack Daniels @ Sicktones Studio
I know we're never alone 
"Holy City" and all it’s ghosts 
who walk these streets and wander out of time 
no sanctity 
can you hear it now? 
the crying out 
the bones below the cobblestone they weep
like willows in the wind 
they sing to me
and I feel 
a feeling 
as though we’re not not alone, no
Holy City, Hell to some 
haunted now and carried on 
and I feel as though we’re not alone
Past lives that bleed over a waking world into visions and cold spots in the room 
Do you believe that the pain of some still lingers on? 
like stains into a cloth it never leaves
the willows sing to me
Graves can't hold the pain below 
the roads we walk are paved with ghosts
Copyright Butterflies & Butcher Knives ASCAP 2021